What differentiates us?


             Recent times have seen the emergence of several national and local chains that provide tutoring services. These chains have taken a ‘fast food’ approach to educational services by providing a standardized and ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. We do not believe that an approach based on ‘feeding’ repetitive assignments to students delivers an effective educational service.


We do not employ complicated methodology that limits our ability to cater to individual needs. Our methodology is simple and straight-forward – a tutoring methodology based on the needs of our students.


Our services revolve entirely around the student as an individual and his/her educational needs in light of the curriculum followed at the respective school.


Our Highlights:

· Passion and dedication oriented towards addressing the needs of the student as an  individual

· Tutoring service tailor-made to the curriculum followed in respective school district

· A low student-to-teacher ratio that accomplishes the sweet spot of delivering individual attention at an affordable price

· Not bound by terms and conditions enforced upon us by an external provider that limit the extent of attention, detail and service that can be provided to our customers

· A teaching approach that is not based on assigning repetitive tasks. This ensures the elimination of monotony for the student and generates interest in the content





About Us

We are a group of experienced teachers in the United States. We offer tutoring in Math and Science for Students of all  grades.

Our approach is based on the following key principles:

· Expertise in any subject is built with practice, practice and more practice.

· Education is key to one’s success in life and today’s little extra efforts will go a long way in securing tomorrow’s success.

· When the goals are set right and with the right amount of help, every student is capable of attaining a higher level of success in his/her education.





              Rebecca Thomas


                  Founder Director



Rebecca served in Plano ISD, teaching math and science before starting Value Tutor Inc. She has a masters degree  in Physics and a bachelors degree in Education.


Bindu Sajeev

Founder Director

             Bindu had several years of teaching experience in various ISDs like Louisville, Carrollton, Coppell etc. She is a certified math teacher and is a masters degree holder in Mathematics.

Our Directors