Our Rates: **

    Math - Group Tutoring


     Elementary:      $140 per month *


     Middle School:  $160 per month *


     High School:     $170 per month *

 *  Rates are for 8—10 hours of tutoring.                      Classes are scheduled for 2 hrs per week.

    One-on-One Tutoring

       Math/Physics:      $50/hour

** All rates are subject to periodic revisions.

Our After School Tutoring program is designed to help students stay on top of their daily learning at school. This program’s flexible subject matter enable students and parents to choose their topics of interest to a significant extent. While we maintain a schedule to cover the breadth of topics at each grade level, the focus is on student’s individual learning requirements.

We recommend 2 hrs. of tutoring per week for each subject.

Key benefits:

· Keeps student on top of the subject matter covered in school

· No “catching up” to do at evaluation time

· Staying current sustains interest in active learning.

· Convenient timing for working parents.

After School Tutoring